Friday, 27 September 2013

Module 1 (web2.0 online course)

Wow - finally here! My school admin settings have meant that I have not been able to set up this blog using the school gmail login. I have set this blog up with a twofold purpose; to complete the online web2.0 course through CEOM, and also to start my own teaching/learning/education blog. Whilst I feel this is a rather protracted start to my blogging - having been teaching now for some 20 months, I do not think that blogging immediately, for the sake of blogging is necessary. This thought may change...?

The purpose of the web2.0 course is to familiarise teachers with web2.0 technology and connect them to wide audience. I already use wikis, google sites, google drive etc, so I think I have less to learn about the uses of such technology, and more to learn about other educators using these tools.

Completing Module 1, I was surprised at how basic some of the activities were; obviously targeted at teachers who are not using the internet daily beyond basic web browsing etc. Having set up wikis whilst doing my Dip. Ed and using them since in my classroom, I feel comfortable using web2.0 tools. My introduction to things such as google+ have also come through professional experience - as a member of the Early Chemistry Careers Network we have used this tool to help collaborate projects to help teacher professional development and resources.

I am hoping that as I continue through the course I will be exposed to other tools, and in particular, examples of how they can be harnessed effectively to improve teaching and learning outcomes. I feel that there are a veritable host of online tools (I have delivered PD on several occasions about several such tools including the Google suite) but knowing what is out there is not always sufficient for teachers to be able to readily incorporate them into their already busy schedules.

I am also hoping to document some of my own professional learning outside of this web2.0 online course, as this is an ongoing struggle - having time to curate the learning is the hardest part!