Saturday, 28 September 2013

Module 3 (web2.0 online course)

For Module 3 of the web2.0 online course we were required to start using Google Drive/Docs - again, as with the previous two modules, these are tools that I commonly use with my colleagues, for sharing professional documentation, as well as with students, as part of the teaching and learning process. Indeed this semester I set up a new subject with another colleague, called Future Energies and Sustainability (FES) and we have been using Google Sites as the base for students to gather resources, interact and blog their own learning process. In addition, I use Google+ hangouts as part of the Early Chemistry Careers Network, where we use it as an online message board to collaboratively plan our professional development events and share ideas for resources for teachers of chemistry.


                                   Here is an example of the work we share

So far I have used Google Drive to share spreadsheets for planning with colleagues; collected marks and assessment feedback into a spreadsheet; set up numerous surveys for staff or students; created quizes for students and written and shared various working documents.

I find it for the most part extremely user friendly. The ability to run surveys easily and collate the results is very useful. I have used it throughout this year to gain feedback from students about how particular units were run and to see what they thought I could improve.

I have tried running Flubaroo on multiple choice test results and was able to grade the test without having to mark every single paper, which was a pleasant time saver.

 I think the biggest benefit comes from having instant collaboration with colleagues. I look forward to further development from Google!