Friday, 11 April 2014

Biting off more than you chew

It has been a while since I've last posted and everytime I have gone to write or thought about some of the things I intended to write about I have felt just too engaged with what I am doing. Too much at the halfway point of too many things with not much to write about. I understand that blogging can also be helpful at that point in terms of looking at ones own process... but I think I have found that I spoke about what I was thinking with colleagues and my partner more than I wanted to attempt writing.

I have had an overwhelming sense of biting off more than I can chew (thus this post) and have not been 'chewing like crazy' as was helpfully recommended by my deputy principal of curriculum. I think I more felt unsure and uncomfortable at times trying to manage everything and work at the same high level I expect of myself. I remember during my honours year my supervisor saying to me once that it is better to do 'less things more well rather than more things less well' and while the truth of that statement has been shown to me more than once, understanding how not to land in that situation has appeared less slowly. Not writing has been once less thing to do...

I feel as though I have made a few leaps and bounds in terms of understanding my role as curriculum leader this year and also others in terms my developing understanding of what is involved in teaching and learning. I have been involved in a number of action research projects and these have helped to shift my understanding of education. I am looking forward to writing about these changes! I promise not to take as long to write next time!