Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Module 7 (web2.0 online course)

In this module we are introduced to the tools delicious and diigo, tools to help share, manage and collate online content. I have started using delicious for some of my cycling related websites (being an avid bike fanatic) and have found it quite useful to tag different bookmarks. I think that this particular topic does not lend itself to immediate reflection (what does?) and I will surely begin to appreciate it more deeply as I build up all my regular websites and new areas of interest and begin to catalogue them using these tools. It looks like they would benefit online communities of teachers- PLNs where teachers with a similar method or topics could easily and effectively share resources. I found one of the interesting features of delicious to be that it could synchronise with twitter to build a feed based on your interests (although this kind of feedback cycle is not always useful imho). I already use twitter as a professional networking tool, so am hopeful to see some good material come into my delicious feed (not so many just yet...).